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Mars • Ruana Shawl

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MARS from the Mythos collection. Ruana Shawl inspired by the mythological god Mars from ancient Roman Mythology. Mars is the Roman god of war and also an agricultural guardian. He represented military power as a way to secure peace and was a father of the Roman people.

This multi-wearable garment is versatile in that it is not only reversible, but can be worn in so many different ways.  Play with the garment and its wear-ability for infinite looks! The look of this Ruana wrap can have a Kimono, Robe, Cape or Poncho feel to it. Reverse it for a whole other look and feel. The garment has one longer slit and one shorter. The longer giving it a more practical wear and Kimono feel, the shorter results with a more cape/cloak and elegant feel. This one of a kind piece is designed to be timeless and multiple garments in one.  Handmade with love, positive energy and good intentions. Feel yourself transformed in a unique and empowering way whenever you wear it out.

One size fits all.
Fabric: Upholstery and Satin

Width = 43"
Length Front = 31"
Length Back = 39.5"

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