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“I believe in a world where humans feel free to express themselves, where people are empowered to follow their dreams, where magic is seen and cultivated in creativity and creation. It is my desire and purpose to liberate people from programming and social norms and connect them to their higher self and inner divinity by creating art to wear. To create garments with intention, each carrying the vibration to uplift, give strength and inspire. To give rise to your inner god or goddess.” ꩜ Brie Putty

The Creation

Brie Putty is a unique high quality brand that brings to life timeless pieces, each handmade with the intention to empower, uplift and inspire the modern day human to embrace and embody their inner divinity and raise collective consciousness to a better world. Each garment is an art piece to wear and has a story to tell, drawing inspiration cross culturally from ancient knowledge to weave the sacred thread of the future. Designed and handcrafted by Creatress Brieana Putty, they are for the daring and adventurous, the divine being that is not afraid to be themselves and let their inner light shine through. For the infinite being that wants to feel liberated, to go past their limitations and leave their mark. For the raw and real, the strong and cultural, highly ambitious, world traveler striving to grow and expand themselves and the collective consciousness.

The Creatress

Brieana Putty is passionate woman with an enduring dream to create and inspire. From an early age she started playing with fabrics and designs, custom making her own clothing. She graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2008 with a Major in Fashion Design and along with two Minors; Textiles and Clothing and Psychology.  

 To Brieana fashion and style is a way to express ones unique energy and inner essence on the outside. She calls her garments “Power Items” and sees fashion as a powerful tool, believing that the energy of the garment can be utilized to give you strength, courage and perseverance.

Utilizing the power of Intention Brieana has created unique “Power Items” to raise your vibration. Sacredwear that has been blessed and infused with soul and empowering energy.

Do you dare to connect with your inner divinity and chart your own path?  


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