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The OriNuno collection was inspired by Origami, the ancient Japanese tradition of paper-folding. "Ori" means to fold and "Kami" paper, "OriNuno" means to fold fabric. It is considered a token of good luck to receive an Origami as it represents the thought and energy put into the finished product. If you fold things carefully you put heart and soul into the task. Origami can be a way to show that you care.

This one of a kind multi-wearable garment is not only versatile in that it is reversible, but can be worn in so many different ways.  Designed to be timeless and multiple garments in one.  Handmade with love, positive energy and good intentions. Feel yourself transformed in a unique and empowering way whenever you wear it out.

Like the Origami, each piece was handmade and created with good energy, creativity and intentions. Fold it any way that suits your mood and reverse it for a whole other look! Included are two handmade nautilus fossil pins to add security and versatility to the garment. This piece is meant to bring you a fun look that you create yourself. It comes along with a dash of good luck and happiness as "Shiawase"  which means blessing, good fortune and happiness in Japanese. Have fun and play with the garment and its wearability for infinite looks!

Included are two handmade Ammonoidea, nautilus fossil pins to secure it in infinite ways. These symbolize the golden spiral, timelessness and infinity.

Fabric: Upholstery

Width (from shoulder to shoulder) = 24"
Length Front = 15"
Length Back = 10"

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