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Longmu • Kimono Robe



LONGMU from the Mythos collection. Kimono Robe inspired by Long Mu, “Mother of Dragons,”  a Chinese woman who was deified as a goddess after raising five infant dragons. Long Mu  and her dragons developed a strong bond for each other and symbolize filial devotion and parental love.

This multi-wearable garment is versatile in that it is not only reversible, but can be worn in so many different ways.  Play with the garment and its wear-ability for infinite looks! The look of this Ruana wrap can have a Kimono, Robe, Cape or Poncho feel to it. Reverse it for a whole other look and feel. The garment has one longer slit and one shorter. The longer giving it a more practical wear and Kimono feel, the shorter results with a more cape/cloak and elegant feel. This one of a kind piece is designed to be timeless and multiple garments in one.  Handmade with love, positive energy and good intentions. Feel yourself transformed in a unique and empowering way whenever you wear it out.

Belt Included.

One size fits all.

Fabric: Upholstery and Crushed Velvet.

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